There are numerous brands of Honey available in the market with the price ranging from Rs 200/kg to Rs 2000/kg. Moreover, the honey being made available has same taste/aroma/colour whenever you make a purchase. Markedly, bees depending on the nectar (which varies, for every region, season and flowers around the area) produce honey having a varied taste, aroma, viscosity and properties (read medicinal).

This drove us to the field of Honey Production and also the by products like Propolis, Wax, Pollen, Venom, Royal Jelly.

Our company, Bee Farms Products, produce honey from various regions and flowers. We and our associates have around 1500 bee hives (aprox 45 million Bees) and honey produced is only sold.

Each batch is tested in Government Lab and test results are fantastic.

The product comes from a group of Technocrats who are working tirelessly to give Honey without Preservative, Added Flavour, Added Sugar, and Added Colour.

We care and are concerned about your HEALTH


  1. Natural Flavoured Honey (multiflora & mono floral Ajwain, Sauf, Jammu, Litchi)
  2. Bee Hives
  3. Bee Wax
  4. Bee pollen
  5. Honey Comb (In Progress)
  6. Bee Sting Therapy (In Progress)


  • Supply of Pure Raw Natural Honey & Other Products
  • Supply of Bee hives and equipments
  • Farmer training programme
  • Apiculture Consulting