Ajwain flora honey production process

The production process of Ajwain flora honey involves several steps to ensure quality and purity. Here’s a general outline of the process:

1. Location Selection: Beekeepers choose locations with abundant Ajwain (Carom) flowers plants. These locations should be free from pesticides and other contaminants that could affect the honey’s quality.

2. Placement of Beehives: Beehives are strategically placed near fields or areas where Ajwain (Carom) flowers farms are abundant. The proximity ensures that bees have easy access to the nectar from Ajwain (Carom) flowers.

3. Honeybee Activity: Honeybees visit the Ajwain (Carom) flowers to collect nectar. They suck the nectar using their proboscis and store it in their honey stomach.

4. Extraction of Nectar: Honey Bees extract nectar from the Ajwain (Carom) flowers and store it in their honeycombs.

5. Ripening and Sealing: As the water content decreases and the honey matures by honey bees workers, the worker bees seal the honeycomb cells with beeswax to preserve the honey.

6. Removal of Honeycombs: Beekeepers carefully remove them from the beehives. These honeycombs are then transported to the honey Extraction facility.

7. Uncapping: Honeycombs are uncapped using special tools. This process involves removing the wax layer covering the cells of the honeycomb to expose the honey.

8. Extraction: After uncapping, the honey is extracted from the honeycombs using centrifugal force. The honeycomb frames are placed in a honey extractor, which spins rapidly to separate the honey from the comb.

9. Filtration: The extracted honey is then passed through a series of filters to remove any impurities such as beeswax, Honey Bees or debris. This helps in obtaining clear and pure honey.

10. Quality Control: The filtered honey undergoes rigorous quality control tests to ensure that it meets the standards for Ajwain flora honey. This includes tests in government Laboratory as per FSSAI rules.

11. Packaging & Labeling: It is typically packaged in glass jars or food grade bottles to maintain its freshness and quality. The packaged honey is labeled with relevant information such as the packaging date, expiry date, and nutritional information.