Bee Sting Techniques

Bee sting therapy, or apitherapy, involves the use of live bees to apply bee venom to the body. Here are some common techniques used in bee sting therapy:

Direct sting: This technique involves placing a live bee directly on the skin and allowing it to sting the affected area. This is the most common technique used in bee sting therapy.

Sting acupuncture: This technique involves using a bee to deliver a sting to specific acupuncture points on the body. The bee is held with a pair of forceps and placed on the acupuncture point. Once the bee stings, it is removed and discarded.

Bee venom injection: This technique involves using a syringe to extract bee venom from a live bee and then injecting the venom into specific points on the body. This technique is not commonly used in bee sting therapy due to the risks associated with injecting venom.

Bee venom creams and patches: These are topical preparations that contain bee venom and can be applied directly to the skin. They are a less invasive alternative to direct bee stings and are used to treat a variety of conditions.