Bee Hive Maintenance

Beehive Maintenance Agreement (MOU)

MOU between farmers, agriculture University, KrishVigyan Kendra & Industry of Gujarat and Bee Farms Products(BFP), Vadodara

Following MOU is agreed by both above parties.

1) BFP will provide 200 numbers of Apis Melifera beehives along with 8 frames.

2) Beehives have to be placed at a suitable place as decided by BFP based on flora availability.

3) BFP have to take care of and maintain beehives in healthy conditions.

4) BFP will relocate beehives based on local requirements.

5) Farmer is free to inspect the beehives at any time after giving prior intimation for inspection/visit.

6) BFP is committed to giving 13 kg/ box / year to Farmer. Packaging, Processing and transportations will be extra. Processing will be Rs 15/kg, Packaging will be Rs 10/kg and shipping will be as per actuals. Same shall be paid by Farmer in 30 days.

7) This MOU is valid for 2 years from the date of this MOU.

8) For maintaining beehives there will be a charge of Rs 200/ box / month including labour charges, Transportation, Consulting and others . The same shall be paid by Farmer on an advance monthly basis.

9) Supply of Beehives will be 4500/box with 8 frames. Famer to pay based on transportation and placement at the site. This payment shall be paid in 15 days.

10) After 2 years these boxes shall be returned to Farmer at a designated place. Shipping charges shall be paid by  Farmer at actuals

11) BFP is committed to maintaining beehives in good form. However, in case of any natural calamity BFP shall not be responsible for beehives. Any loss that occurred shall not be on account of BFP.

12) Thes beehives will be labeled as Owned by Farmer, Vadodara and maintained by Bee Farms Products

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