Bee farms Products is a one-stop site taking care of all aspects of bees. You will get solutions to all your problems. Accordingly, beekeeping equipment is very important for the productivity and safety of Bees, beekeepers, and beekeeping operations.

We require a minimum of 15 different types of essential equipment and Bee Farms Products shall make them available at your doorsteps.


Domesticated bees live in beehives. We will help you in deciding which type will be useful for your requirement. We can provide all types of beehives at a reasonable rate.
People sometimes also go for a hobby and if as a business you need we will help and guide you at our one-stop solution company.


Smoking is essential when dealing with bees, as this keeps bees a little peace and are not stressed during handling. This is for your protection also.

Hive Tool

This tool is very inexpensive and is also strongly recommended by Bee Farms Products. It is required as bees use propolis to join frames and for insulation.

Queen Catcher

A handy tool to have if you want to keep the queen separated for a while. Also used for catching queens in swarms.

Bee Suit

They are required for the safety of people engaged in beekeeping. You can get cheaper in the market but a standard shall be better. We provide these for personal protection. But you shall have a sting of bees to get introduced and go for protection.


Good for handling beehives in live shows.


Feeders are used to feeding during the dry period season.

Queen Excluder

When preparing a super hive we have to use a queen extruder

Queen Marker

For identifying queen
The Queen
We rear queens and will supply a mated queen in healthy condition

Pollen Trap

Pollen traps are used when bees bring pollen in abundance

Honey Extractor and many more…