Bee Venom

Bee Venom

How Bee Venom is made?

  • Firstly, Apis Mellifera(Italian Bee) Worker bees are in good health secondly when an appropriate time for bees are placed on Honeybee venom collector, thus collecting honeybee venom without any way affecting them.
  • The process of venom collector is most human without affecting bees. After extraction also Bees do their normal work. Their is regenerated in the body within 2 to 3 days.
  • The sting remains in the body of bees after honeybee venom collection.
  • 26 amino acids — comprise about 50% of the dry weight of the venom and has been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer effects in some studies are contained in Melittin
  • You can purchase venom products, such as moisturizers, lotions, and lozenges, online or in specialty stores.

Honeybee Venom Matures ?

Firstly, the moisture level is reduced by natural evaporation next, the honeybee venom becomes powder, on becoming powder it is collected scientifically, and stored under controlled conditions.

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