Natural Multiflora Honey

Natural Multiflora Honey Produced by Apis Dorsata, Apis Mellifera & Apis Cerana honey bees.

Natural multiflora honey is made by bees in an area with different flora/flowers in the surrounding of beehives. This makes bees take nectar from flowers having different properties and benefits. Multiflora honey contains nutrients from varied flowers thus can be used for general purposes. Multiflora honey is produced by keeping beehives in the jungle also. The color, texture varies from place to place and season to season.

Apis Dorsata Bee

The Apis Dorsata bee is the biggest among bees in India. It makes hives in open areas and at height. Dorsata honey is essentially mixed flora honey. We harvest it by a special method so that bees are not killed during the process. They remain active throughout the year. They produce the highest quantity of honey on a yearly basis among all bees. However they can’t be domesticated.

Apis Mellifera Bees

Apis Mellifera bees are domesticated and kept in specially made beehives. They are also called Italian bees and are not native to the Indian subcontinent. They are less aggressive and can be moved from one place to another. This gives the advantage of placing mostly in one type of flower and we in turn get monofloral honey-like drumstick, ajwain, tulsi, etc. When kept in varieties of flowers we get multiflora, honey. They require constant maintenance and experienced beekeepers are required.

Apis Cerena

Apis Cerena is a native bee of the Indian continent and smaller than Mellifera. Being small can move to smaller flowers and produce small quantities of honey. It is excellent in pollination. They also can be domesticated and need not be moved on a regular basis like mellifera. They can produce monofloral and multi-floral honey. We are promoting local bees as an assignment to help farmers to increase their income. These bees require almost no maintenance

This can be consumed along with warm water, replacement of sugar for tea/coffee etc

In Auryveda since the ancient times, it has been documented in the world’s oldest medical literatures as well about the medicinal importance of honey and its healing properties.