Rent A Bee-Pollination Services to Agro Industries

One Bee Organic LLP (To provide Pollination Services to Agro Industries) is the first Indian company to undertake a scientific pollination process for seeds and improve fruit quality and quantity. Depending on the type of plant/tree/crop we can provide different types of bees (Apis Mellifera, Apis Cerana, Trigona or stingless bees, etc.)

We can mobilize beehives at designated places throughout India. One Bee Organic LLP has the support of an Entomologist and also MOU with research agencies outside India.

The client is only to designate the area and type of crop and introduce it to the farmer The rest will be taken care of by One Bee Organic LLP.

This service is available throughout the year and in the entire country. We may be contacted at 9409531877 for further assistance.

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