Pollination Support to farmer and agriculture Industry

Let us forget about honey being provided by bees for human consumption. Honey is not an item, if not available human beings will perish. It is an excellent supplement and has a variety of nutrition’s in it. But wait, very few people know bees are most important in our life and they don’t get noticed, except about their sting and its associated pain.

If bees disappear from earth about 60 to 70% of agricultural products will follow them & in a short time humans will follow them. So what bees do is so important. Yes, they pollinate plants in the best way nature wants or the system is designed.

Bees are very friendly to farmers & most farmers don’t know. This ignorance is taking a lot of toll on bees. Farmers use pesticides & insecticides which kill bees. The number of bees on this earth is decreasing at an alarming number.

Bee Farms Products is helping bees in increasing their numbers. We are also educating farmers to take care of bees.

At Bee Farms Products we provide complete solutions to the pollination of the crop. We will study the crop pattern & suggest the type of bees to be kept & other technical details are well taken care of by our experienced hands. We have seen the results in terms of quantity & the quality & less use of insecticides and pesticides.


We will provide a complete solution to the industry engaged in the seed business. We have resources to provide beehives at the site, their maintenance. Based on the crop pattern we will suggest the best type of bees namely Apis Mellifera, Apis Cerana Indica & also Tetragonula (Stingless Bees). Each type gives the best results based on the seeds to be produced.

We can also help in research in pollination in developing best quality seeds