Private Labelling / White Labelling / Brand Labelling

Honey is a heavy liquid & density is approx. 1.25 times that of water. It is an edible item and acidic in nature. Bees store it in beeswax cells and seal it to store it for a good duration. If left to us we would have made bottles of beeswax to get the original packaging nature has thought of. But we human beings can’t handle it as it will break & melt. So we decided to go for neutral material i.e. glass. The honey can best be stored in glass for years without any toxic effect. We at Bee Farms Products use a semi-automatic packaging machine that has SS304 material and is food grade.

Bee Farms Products can undertake to package for honey supplied by client along with the flexibility of bottle supplied by us or client. The labels can be printed based on the design applied by the client.

We also can help in White Labelling with printing labels and putting on bottles.

Food Grade Plastic bottles also can be used based on client requirements.

The use of glass bottles gives a challenge of handling by shipping agencies. A good number of courier agencies refuse to ship honey. We have a solution for that also, as the weight of shipping increases considerably on filling honey in glass bottles. So economical solution can be offered for interested clients with complete solutions at one place for packaging