Combo Pack

Combo Pack : Economy pack for buyers

Honey products can be the best gift idea. It is better than all products made in factories. It remains for a good time as the shelf life is very high. Honey is the best supplement to give energy and nutrients. It can be a good alternative to sugar.

It can be a very healthy gift for corporate companies. The price range will be suitable for all budgets and on all occasions. We can also make custom designs for companies’ individual needs.

The gifts can be engraved with writeup and designs as desired. They are made from imported wood and engraving is done with a laser. This gives it a classical look.

We have a special offer for a large number of gifts. The gifts will be having varieties of flora. We also make a Corrugated Gift box of 3 -Flora Honey which is economical.

All bee products like propolis, pollen, wax, royal jelly can be added to special requirement

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