Bee Hive

Bee Hives (Flow Hive, Apis Mellifera Hive, Apis Cerana Hive)

As we know we have to domesticate the bees, it will require Home, Food, Safety & Shelter for bees. A lot of research has been done long ago to meet the above requirements. Different types of beehives were proposed and over time few beehives remain in use.

Apis Dorsata cant be domesticated as they prefer to remain in open areas and are very aggressive. They are wild bees and prefer height so difficult to manage

Apis Mellifera & Apis Cerena bee hive can be domesticated. We at Bee Farms Products have the expertise to suggest suitable numbers of beehives and their placement. Beehives sold by us are of top quality and are wooden along with healthy bees. We can also manage the bees as a CSR activity for a company. Beehives are of standard size along with the required number of frames. It also comes with an iron stand to place it above the ground.

The beehives for Apis cerena are smaller than Apis Mellifera & come with a super box also. These bees are local Indian news & can adapt to the surroundings better. Presently we are having a mission to promote them as they are the best pollinators. We have undertaken to multiply these bees as we are slowly losing them in count in our country. It can be a game-changer for farmers to have a honey of the best quality and also do pollination. It also requires minimum maintenance.

Recently the Autoflow beehive has also come on the market. During extraction of honey from frames a centrifugal machine is used so that only honey is extracted & no harm is done to larva, Pupa, & eggs of bees. In an Auto flow beehive just by operation of a lever, we can extract honey & it comes out directly from the beehive. Presently it is costly & may be used for low scale. We also supply such beehives along with frames.


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