Honey Flow Beehive House with 6 pcs Flow Frames

  • Brood Chamber Box: The part of the beehive that holds the comb that bee eggs are laid in. These eggs hatch bee larva & puppa which then pupate and turn into bees.
  • Super Chamber Box: A honey super that has been modified to accommodate Flow Frames. This is the box on a beehive that the bees store most of their honey in. Usually, this box is placed on top of the brood box.
  • Flow frames: The self-contained honeycomb frame that hangs in the flow super. This has the split cell’ technology allowing a beekeeper to harvest honey without opening the hive.
  • Flow Key: The long steel key that is inserted in the Flow Key access slot(s) to operate the Flow Frames.
  • Flow Key Access Slot: These are the rectangular slots at the top of each Flow Frame that the Flow Key fits in to operate the mechanism and harvest honey.
  • Honey Tube: The tube extension that is inserted in the honey trough when harvesting honey.
  • Base Board: It’s the base for an Automatic Beehive box with a cleaning tray in which we can clean honey bees’ waste.
  • Inner Top Cover: This for covering super box to move super box from one place to another place to protect honey bees.
  • Outer Top Cover: To protecting from weather condition to automatic beehive box.