Hydroponic home/kitchen garden kit/DIY 36 Planter (Janta Model)

Hydroponic home/kitchen garden kit/DIY 36 Planter (Janta Model)


Hydroponics is a soilless super organic method of growing plants of almost all types. The growth is unimaginable with super quality. It requires 90% less water; on 2 feet by 2 feet, we can grow more than 200 plants. It can be easily automated and requires almost no maintenance.
We offer a Vertical Hydroponic System that can work without any power requirement. The Cocopeat used is specially treated to give amazing results throughout the year. We give guidance for 3 months without any extra charge. The Nutrients used are mostly imported and are balanced. These nutrients have all elements required for healthy growth of plants.

We have other Hydroponic Systems also which will be introduced in future.

Our designs are very cost sensitive without compromising quality

We also offer consultancy for Hydroponic System

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Vertical Hydroponic Tower


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