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Natural flora Honey / Natural Mono floral Honey

Natural floral Honey (more than 18 varieties of natural honey such as Eucalyptus Flora Honey, Drumstick Flora Honey, Ajwain Flora Honey, Saunf Honey, Jammu Flora Honey, Litchi Flora Honey, many more…)

Human Beings are creative and do experimentation wherever there is a possibility. In honey also we can have mono floral honey i.e. honey having to a large extent single flora nectar. In nature and in normal circumstances we will have multiflora, honey.

Mono floral honey is produced by the domestication of Apis Mellifera & Apis Cerena & then moving them to a place having a large number of flowers of single plants. For example, during December & January Mustard( sarso) flowers bloom and are available in abundance. During this season we will place our beehives in mustard fields. Bees will collect maximum nectar from mustard flowers and convert it to honey. This honey will have the properties of mustard in it. Accordingly, there are various plants like tulsi, sounf, Sheesham, neem, Jamun, litchi, acacia, ajwain, alfalfa, drumstick, coffee, etc having flowers in different seasons. Thus we can have various monofloral honey of different varieties.

Now the question is how do we prove it is mono floral honey and it is possible by checking their texture, smell, color, etc. It can also be proven through lab reports.

Advantages of flora honey

The main advantage of mono floral honey is the availability of various properties and nutrients associated with plants. If it is Tulsi honey the nutrients and benefits will be to a great extent matching to tulsi.

Ajwain honey will have properties associated with ajwain. Honey also contains pollen in it which gives natural protein properties. This pollen will also give corresponding plant properties.

We at Bee Farms Products keep moving beehives throughout the year to various states in order to give a healthy supplement to customers. We produce mono floral honey on a seasonal basis and sometimes it may not be available throughout the year. You can see for yourself that different mono floral kinds of honey will taste different with different colors and smells. The mustard honey will become cream type even though at the time of harvesting it will look like normal honey.

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