Mode of Pollination in Onions

Rent A Bee – Pollination of Onions

Onion Producers have to produce high-quality onions seeds. The crop is heavily dependent on bee pollinator activity for pollination, onions seed set, and adequate yields.
Role Of Hand Pollination
Hand pollination is used in most of the setup. It involves high cost and is not effective compared to natural pollination.Our Role
One Bee Organic LLP will help in getting correct advice and practical solution. The solution comes with the onions specification, and the environment surrounding the crop. In general, bees may avoid onions so we have to use a different technique to attract them. Our expert team will give the best solution.

A word from our expert
“If someone is looking to increase their yield and grow more quality fruit, they should consider natural pollination with insects,” our experts say. “Certain type of crop is to be essentially pollinated to produce fruit. Otherwise, the fruit will be misshapen, odd, or the plant won’t produce fruit at all.”
Different research indicates when bees were introduced to onion pollination they used to avoid it. So we have to attract them towards flowers. This also involves the fertile and sterile male.
The mere placement of colonies of honey bees in or adjacent to onion seed fields does not guarantee bees will work the field. Onion seed yields vary enormously depending on the number of honey bees accomplishing pollination.

Compared to other plants bees need to be made to visit onions. But the result is beyond imagination. Our specialist knows what to do and will advise based on location, and crop what methodology to be used. The application of materials to attract more honey bees into the fields was tested using Bee Scent, Bee-Here

Our Specialty
We use a different types of bees for different situations. We have our own source of Beehives and can be made available throughout the country. Our expert will also advise on pesticides as they harm the bees One Bee Organic LLP is the first company in India to have its own resources and logistics to supply and operate the system. Please, contact us at without any hesitation.

The Bottom Line
There may be a change in crop pattern to be introduced to attract bees